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Welcome to the homepage of Call it What You Want mp3 renamer/retagger

This is (yet another) java retagger/renamer. I did it because I wasn't happy with any of the ones already out there. I'm not saying this is better in any way, or is packed with features. This is a quite simple one which should make it easier to tag and name albums as you want them.

This is very much a work in progress, so I make no guarantees, and with the 0.7alpha version you might want to make a backup of you mp3's =). Not that I wouldn't trust my software...

Any comments, feature suggestions, questions or bundles of cash will be greatly appreciated

Kalle Happonen


A small bugfix release.


Ehm.. well this month. New release, new features. Check it out!


I have made some improvements to the software, new features, fixed bugs and such, and I'll try to make a new release next month. Just can't be bothered in this weather =)


Site released! This very plain site is now up, mainly so there are some homepage for info about this software.